Cellular Beams

There are many advantages in designing with FABSEC® long span cellular composite beams.  The section design may be optimised in FBEAM® to produce the most efficient solution first time, with the beam weight usually substantially less than plain steel beams or castellated alternatives.

The unrivalled cell geometry and position permitted in FABSEC® beams includes circular, rectangular and elongated openings in both normal and fire-engineered conditions. Due to low cost manufacture, the low weight is complemented by an economical rate per tonne, resulting in a highly competitive lump sum price.

The long span grid arrangement reduces the number of columns to allow architectural freedom and reduces the piece count for the whole fabrication and erection process. In addition, the passage of the services through the web of the beam reduces the floor sandwich depth and consequentially the overall building height.

FABSEC® beams are used for primary and secondary floor beams and rafters, can be composite or non-composite with typical floor spans of 8-24 metres and roof spans of up to 60 metres.

Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled again and again, without degradation  of its properties  or performance

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